Basic Backing

With a combined 30 years experience of riding, driving, owning and training between myself and my daughter, we offer a vast amount of knowledge that will ensure your horse starts the first steps of its life correctly. 
We usually advise that the minimum time spent with us is 3 weeks. We treat every horse as an individual and assess their needs on a case by case basis. Although we should have a pretty accurate assessment after a week and can advise time it will take, from there.

Horses are treated with kindness and respect throughout their stay with us, whilst we strive to ensure they remain as stress free as possible. 

from £130 per week


Backing & Schooling

We offer onwards schooling for horses that have already been started. We understand that sometimes there may be situations that you might need help with.

Maybe you’ve gotten stuck at a certain point in your horses education and are left uncertain of how to progress.

We work with your horse to try and bring them up to the level of knowledge required, to be able to do the job you’d like them to do. We can offer advise on which discipline your horse might be best suited for.

from £130


Behavioural Issues

Bad behaviour from your horse can be scary and frustrating. 
Most horses however, aren’t bad, they’re just trying to tell us that something is wrong.

Whether this is due to having had an inexperienced home, a bad experience, or maybe trust is just low, or whether your horse has developed a behaviour out of the blue, with no apparent rhyme nor reason. We can help!

These cases are usually the ones that hardest to solve and can take longer. We can collect and drop off your horse and we can assess horses within their home environment where needed, to allow us to get complete picture of their unwanted behaviour. If unsafe to do so we’d bring the horse, straight to our yard where we are better equipped to start assessing the correct course of action.

In these cases we will need you to consult a vet to ensure that the issue is not medical. 

from £130 per week